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Thursday, August 20, 2009


On a much more positive note, I discovered a new doughnut place this morning after I finished giving a presentation. It is called Sugar Baby's. 2278 S. Redwood Road. They have been open for about 7 months now. And, for those of you in the Salt Lake City area, it rivals Banbury Cross.

We stopped by Banbury Cross a couple weeks ago and their staff isn't always the most pleasant. But as my sister says, they have the best doughnuts so people are willing to put up with their rude behavior. (By rude, I mean that they always seem irritated when you walk in and want to buy something from them. It appears to interrupt their time sitting on the counter doing absolutely nothing when you ask them to work.)

However, Sugar Baby's is excellent. I judge all doughnut shops by their ability to make a proper glazed doughnut and it was perfect. Very fresh. Fried crisp on the outside and doughy soft on the inside with the perfect amount of glaze. As I said, it rivals Banbury Cross. The winning point goes to the service. The woman who helped me was cheerful and seemed genuinely happy that I stopped in on a whim as I was driving by.

So to all of you doughnut lovers out there in SLC, try them out.

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