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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Uintas - How Have I Missed These for the Last TEN Years?

Yesterday I went up to the Uintas for the first time. I am completely aware of how ridiculous that statement is. June marked the 10th year of living in Utah and the Uintas are practically in my backyard.

Having the day off, this was a spontaneous adventure with the goal being Mirror Lake. My family used to go there every time I went back to school after we moved from Indiana. (Maybe not every time, but it certainly seemed like it) They even went fishing when I wasn't around.

So with some time on our hands, we decided to head up into the mountains. I am not the most outdoorsy person in the world yet I have a fascination with water and trees. Some of my issues with Utah are that so much of the outdoorsy stuff is in the middle of the desert where it is just way too hot for me. But this was perfect. It was beautiful. Lots of trees and lots of water. As I said, we were heading up to Mirror Lake. We never made it because the Provo River Falls distracted us. I love waterfalls and these were exceptionally nice. There is a place to park and a couple hundred yards of walking and you are there. There are three cascading falls and you can walk through the water and climb around the rocks from top to bottom.

The water was freezing but definitely worth walking through. (Lesson learned: bring some water shoes)

I'm excited to go back. And more importantly, I have decided that I am adequately prepared for a weekend camping trip. I have finally realized that camping is not necessarily backpacking miles into some slot canyon in the desert.

My concerns have been addressed. We watched people camping yesterday and I think I can handle it. My only requests. I would like to be near water and go fishing. Canoeing would be nice too but I'll take fishing for starters.

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