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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Burr Trail Grill - The BEST Hamburger EVER

Driving along on Utah's scenic byway Highway 12, we were discussing our meals over the weekend and nothing hand been particularly great (I did have some good cornbread but that's about it) and R brought up how nice it would be to run into some diner or local place and get some lunch.  Well minutes later, in Boulder, Utah, we saw the Burr Trail Grill and decided to stop.

I am glad we did.  It was the best hamburger I have ever had. 

"The Famous Boulder Burger: Our burgers are made from heirloom longhorn ~ born and raised at a local ranch right here in Boulder, Utah: Eagle Star Ranch Longhorn Beef. ~USDA stamped and approved. ~Raised without growth hormones, antibiotics or vaccinations. ~Grass fed; pure pasture raised and finished. ~Free roaming. ~Extra lean and lower in cholesterol and calories than chicken or turkey."

They have a variety of burgers.  We had the Egger (which had bacon, fried egg, herbed aioli, and beehive full moon cheddar) and the Red Rock (guacamole, chipotle aioli, tomato relish and behive smoked habanero cheddar) and both were incredible!

So next time you're down in Boulder, Utah (or just in the vicinity), Burr Trail is worth the trip. 

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