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Saturday, November 7, 2009


GMAT is complete.  It's been a long day and couple weeks.  Between work and studying, my brain has been a bit mushy.  But I took the test this morning and did better than I did last time.  So that's always good.  Maybe third time will be the charm though?? 

A few thoughts - a four hour test on a computer is too long.  The eyes just can't handle it.  I also wish you could pick the order you took the sections.  But all in all, glad to be finished for a little while at least.

Next up is figuring out what I want to do for a masters....I feel like an MBA might be the way to go but I'm not positive yet.  So I guess I'll have to think about it for a while - if anyone has any suggestions, let me know - and maybe be taking the GRE as well.  Tests are so much fun....


  1. i didn't even know you were taking the GMAT...where was I?

  2. I don't know where you were....Probably at school where I want to be??