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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things....Lion

  • Lion
    • The new lion cubs.  These were just so cute that I was seriously tempted to pack one up and take it home.  

    • The day-old baby giraffe.  This was also so cute that I was tempted to take one home, but giraffes are quite a bit larger than lion cubs.

    • The migration.  It was a bit early this year so we caught about a million wildebeest on their way into the Mara.  We watched them crossing the river and that leads me to my other highlight.

    • The lioness dragging the wildebeest she had just killed up the river banks.  I didn't see a kill...I'm told that I probably don't really want to see that anyway....but I did see lions eating animals so I am content with that.  Maybe next time my morbid curiosity will be satiated.

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