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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Voluntarily Went Camping

That's right....You read it here first.  I voluntarily went camping this weekend.

It's been a bit of a crazy few days.  P. Fisher had the entire weekend off (which was a first since he started his new job in April) so we started making plans to get away from it all.  It started with plans to go to Yellowstone for the weekend.  And then that changed to going to Rocky Mountain National Park for the weekend.  And then all of that went awry....There was the possibility that I was going to be jumping on a plane....Once I knew I wasn't going anywhere, I suggested camping in the Uintas....Yes, that is correct, I suggested camping....voluntarily. 

I've been real camping once and it was very dirty.  I had fun, but I was very dirty and I like a shower a bit more frequently if I'm going to be smothered in dirt.  That was two years ago and I thought it was about time that I gave it another try. 

All in all, I'd do it again.  I got dirty this time, but I got to go home and take a shower.

I will say that the Uintas are pretty spectacular....It's beautiful up there....and quiet.  BUT, very, very cold.  I think I only slept for a couple hours because I was so cold.  I definitely could have used a couple of those hot water bottles they got me used to camping in Africa.

The highlights were definitely hobo dinners, hotdogs on a stick, and s'mores.  I saw one animal....One measly deer, a few robins, and a bazillion mosquitoes.  I even brought my binoculars and my birding books to identify all of the new birds I saw.  Maybe next time I'll have more luck with both the animals and birds.  The mosquitoes I can do without.  Today I look like one big red splotch from all of the mosquito bites....

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