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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Fresh Baked Slice-it-Yourself Bread

I always thought bread was much more difficult than it actually is.  For some reason my sister and I bake the same things at the same time.  One of us just gets around to blogging about it first.  The other day she mentioned that  she acquired the bread machine.  Since she moved my parents bread machine across the country and unfortunately it was not one of our wedding presents, I had to make bread the old-fashioned way.  With my hands.  I don't have any special recipes to share with you today - just wanted to share that it's really easy - and tastes pretty good compared to Wonderbread.


  1. I may have acquired the bread machine, but I was deserving of that machine since I was the only one who used it in the past 3 decades!

    That bread looks good though...did it slice well (for sandwiches)?

    1. That may be true....maybe....

      It was good and it made some delicious sandwiches. I'm going to make more today or tomorrow.