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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The 3/50 Project

A couple days ago I was talking about Skullcandy, which started here in Park City, to one of my new roommates which led to talking about how they started selling their headphones in Orion's - a local music shop.  I loved this little store.  They were always helpful - made good recommendations - ordered things in quickly when they don't have it.  And as I'm saying this - I was interrupted with the news that they went out of business.

I'm not surprised - but sad.

It seems like more than ever people are talking about supporting local businesses but not actually doing it.  The 3/50 Project is an interesting and simple to follow guideline about how we should be investing (i.e. shopping) in our local businesses.  This simple act puts so much more back into the community through wages and tax dollars than shopping in the big boxes where the majority of their products come from overseas or online.

And since I'm paying this one forward....Here are the blogs where I first heard about this.

SMF: A Lesson in Economics & Rippleffect: The 3/50 Project

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