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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Big News....

I'm going to take a moment to write about something I normally wouldn't.  A bit more personal and emotional that I generally care to be.

I'm getting married...Sometimes I say it out loud to myself and am shocked all over again. 

I never thought I would be so stressed out so soon over making plans....but I am.  I should have known better because that's what I do.  Despite the stress, I know that I need to focus on what is important.

I'm not always so good at talking about these things but I have to say that I am truly happy.  I am excited.  I am going to be with someone who not only treats me well and wants nothing but the best for me so that I am always happy, but someone who is always there for me, I can talk to endlessly, and best of all is everything I consider to be my best friend. 

(Now to move forward and just not get caught up in planning stress and remind myself daily of what is really important....)

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