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Monday, February 15, 2010

Cliche Olympic Announcers

I've been watching Olympics all weekend.  I'm quite impressed by the things that these athletes can do - and at the speed they can do it. 

I was watching the moguls and the things that take them 24 seconds would probably take me 24 minutes.

But after listening to the announcers, I can't help but notice they say a few very obvious things -- Before every competitor goes, they say something along these lines:

"Right now he/she is thinking about how they have to ski faster than they have ever skied before."

"In order to win, they have to ski faster than , currently in the gold medal position."

"He/She can't afford to make a single mistake if they want to medal."

I'm wondering if they realize that everyone understands that.  That is how these things are won - by being the best without mistakes.  It is completely unnecessary to point that out before everyone takes their turn.  And also, while on the subject, I don't want to hear anyone say "That was a clutch performance" again. 

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