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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nice People....Or Not So Nice??

It's official.  I'm quite possibly the worst blogger in the world.  Please don't let that stop you from continuing to read since that wasn't the most intriguing introduction.  I have a lot of thoughts lately but in an effort to not overwhelm anyone who might read this with too many subjects, I'll save my thoughts and write more often.

The one on my mind today.....

Some people just aren't very nice.  They certainly think they are.  Newsflash: if you have ever said "But I'm a nice person" in an effort to justify something you just said or did that wasn't so nice, you probably aren't very nice.  One of the first signs of not being so nice is when you feel like you have to tell people that you are. 

This may be just a bitter, resentful statement since today wasn't a highlight of days.  It may be because people just know how to push my buttons.  At the moment, I'm standing by my thought that some people just aren't all that nice.

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  1. it's kind-of like if you have to start your sentence with "i'm not a racist, but..." that is the number one sign that you are in fact a racist!