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Monday, May 30, 2011

Wildlife in Utah

The road is definitely closed for a reason
Lower Provo River

Happy Memorial Day!  It's been quite an uneventful weekend.  (I read two books cover-to-cover and made an entire quilt.)  The weather wasn't cooperating with the plans for getting outside some.  Regardless, P. Fisher and I thought we might try to drive up into the Uintas and see Provo River Falls.  It's one of my favorite spots up there, but there were lots of factors working against us today (the roads being snow covered and closed was the main one).

However, there was one redeeming event on our drive.  I'm always excited to see wildlife.  I don't think it ever lets me down...even when it's just a measly pot gut. (See a picture of a Uinta ground squirrel somewhere on this page if you don't know what I'm referring to.)

The snow is falling.....still.
But on this fantastic (please imagine me saying that in the most sarcastic way since we got snow all weekend -- see what I woke up to all weekend on the left.) Memorial Day weekend, I saw a moose.  It was not only very close to me, but it was alive!  (As opposed to the ones I see after they have been hit by a semi truck.) 
My moose....It's just a little one, but not far away at all.
The rainbow outside after the snow and drizzle and rain finally stopped.

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