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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sammy's Bistro -- A Pleasant Surprise from a Strip Mall Restaurant

Last night, on our way to an attempt at twilight golf at Park City Golf Course (the best deal in Utah for golf, I might add), we stopped to grab a quick dinner.  We were heading to the new Chinese restaurant, A Wok Away, but ended up seeing Sammy's Bistro.  I'd heard good things about it, but never think much about it since it's hidden away in a strip mall that is definitely not top-of-mind.  Last night we went for it and I was pleasantly surprised.  Good food.  Very fast for a sit down restaurant -- though we could have lingered a bit longer if we didn't have golf to play.  And very reasonably priced.  Park City restaurants aren't known for being inexpensive.

Reed had three fish tacos for $10 and I had a chicken curry rice bowl for $8.  Pretty good....So good that we splurged for some key lime pie and it was the highlight of the evening.  So if you have a chance, try this one.

Sometimes there are some real gems hidden away in those strip malls.

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