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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things....Nairobi

I'm slowly but surely organizing my thoughts and pictures from Kenya.

It was truly the most amazing place I've ever been.  Between trying to get back to a normal sleep schedule and dealing with all of the noise, I'm still struggling to integrate myself back into daily life in Utah.....

While things are still relatively fresh in my mind, I wanted to tell some of my favorite safari moments.

    • The giraffe center.  Though I didn't so much care for the giraffe licking my face, Darcie really did.  I think she could have spent the entire two weeks there feeding giraffes and would have had just as much fun.

    • Wilson airport.  I've never been through such a smooth airport experience.  We showed up and the man at the door pointed at his sheet of paper with passenger names and asked if that was us and through the door we went.  We were even allowed to have liquids.  And then most importantly (after I had a minor outburst at my sister for giving me a hard time about my fear of flying and my mom also telling her to stop so I didn't have a panic attack) I survived my first very small plane flight.  After the initial nervousness, I actually liked it.  It's nice to be able to watch the pilot and see out the front window.  It does give somewhat of a false sense of control.

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