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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things....Rhino

  • Rhino 
    • Rhinos!  The only rhinos we saw and we saw quite a few here.  They aren't the prettiest animal out there, but they are pretty amazing.

    • Cheetahs!  This is where we saw our first cheetahs.  Three brothers were together and we saw them a couple times over the three days we were there.  

    • The food.  This was one of my favorite camps for food. 
    • Our guides - Daniel & Bill & others - were also fantastic.  Despite a rocky start to this camp between the hospital visit and the torrential rains, we had a good time with Daniel driving us about in some of the worst driving conditions I've ever seen.  I definitely enjoyed lots of new animal information....especially about warthogs and their memory.
    • Crossing the equator....I know.  I'm kind of a nerd.

    • And then for what may be the highlight of my entire trip: on the first night we were at Rhino, I woke up a couple times to the lions outside our tents.  On the third morning we were woken up with the pleasant wake up call of "Good morning.  Lions.  Lions." and outside we went to lions right in front of our tent.  Needless to say in the early morning excitement, there are no pictures.  But it was definitely one of my favorite things.

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